Is Your Child Constantly Getting In Trouble?

Do you have a child that continues to get in trouble for the same things time and time again? In spite of your best efforts to make a change, they continue the same behavior and each time end up in more trouble. Are you frustrated because you feel like nothing you're doing is working?

We understand. Because we've gone through the same events, we understand the frustration of knowing if they would just change the thought process or use their talents for good or find a different group of friends – they could get on track. We also understand that they have to WANT to change. They have to have a reason to want to change. Seeing others that have made the transition provides inspiration and hope for the future.

The scary thing is that failing to reach these kids before they turn 18 means they have a high likelihood of going to the Department of Corrections. It is disturbing to think of all the kids that have gotten stuck in the rut or the cycle of dysfunction and chaos leading them into behaviors for escape; which eventually lead to criminal activities. It is disturbing to know how many young people simply were involved in illegal drug use; which led to other criminal activities or even to an addiction itself which caused them to go to jail.

What's worse is that going to jail is a tragedy in itself. They are exposed to Hepatitis, AIDS, and other diseases. They are exposed to activities that can lead to longer incarcerations times. They are exposed to other criminals they can associate with when they are released leading them further into a life of crime. They learn about new ways to commit crimes to get by. They also learn how difficult it is to get on track without the right kind of support. Without a home, clothing, transportation, and a is nearly impossible to stay clean.

The Department of Corrections is filled with young men and women whose families lost hope for their recovery. The DOC is filled with people who have lost faith in their own ability to change. The DOC is filled with people who were once capable of significance....and in fact, still are. They just need someone to pour into their life the right way. Sometimes it isn't the parent that can make the difference – it is a mentor. Sometimes they need exposure to information about the talents and gifts God has given to them in order to change their path. Sometimes they just need to realize they were created for a purpose and need someone to believe in them.

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