About Us

The REProject was inspired by the founder's personal struggle with her son's journey through the court system, substance abuse, and incarceration combined with a touching message about Nehemiah.

Through all of this, the founder realized there are hundreds of young people in our state that are simply lost. They just don't feel like anyone cares about whether they become successful, productive members of society. They need to know that there are people out there that care deeply about their future – some of those people happen to be part of the REProject.

Why the RE Project?

Everyone, if they've lived long enough, can look back on times in their life when they made poor decisions. Sometimes these decisions were influenced by stress, alcohol, environment, drugs, peers, etc. The point is many times there is little difference between the individuals who seem to have their lives together and those that struggle with substance abuse, incarceration and other consequences of their choices. Most of the time people just need a second chance and the right influences pouring into their lives.

They need to think beyond existence and focus on significance because everyone was created for significance. Through a program designed for regeneration individuals can re-ignite the passion they need to rebuild relationships, achieve goals, and become someone they can be proud of. It's never too late to restore hope, inspiration, and motivation to make a difference in the world.

Why the name?

RE signifies a new start...

  • Regeneration
  • Restoration
  • Rebuilding
  • Reconnection
  • Redemption
What Will We Accomplish?
  1. Reduce the number of youthful offenders entering the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma.
  2. Reduce Recidivism among youthful and juvenile offenders through mentoring, accountability, and relevant resources.
  3. Change lives from existence to significance and purpose by infusing hope, inspiration, and motivation into the lives of Oklahoma youthful offenders and troubled youth.
How Will We Do This?
  • Mentoring Programs available through the court systems, jails, alternative schools, churches, etc.
  • Providing access to biblical messages that will provide relevant information offering hope, inspiration, and motivation to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Book Donations to increase knowledge about changing their lives.
  • Access to relevant resources.
  • Career Programs.
  • Programs available through court systems and DOC facilities.
  • Sharing Significance Stories
  • Scholarships for services and education.
A Source of Inspiration: The Nehemiah Project - 52 Days to Change Your Life

We are an organization passionate about encouraging and resourcing Oklahoma's youthful offenders. We are inspired by the biblical story of a man named Nehemiah. Nehemiah learned the walls protecting his city had been destroyed. Nehemiah's heart was broken, and he asked God to help him rebuild the walls. Rebuilding the walls of his city meant protecting and restoring pride in his city. With God's help, Nehemiah accomplished this seemingly impossible task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days.

We believe the walls surrounding and protecting the life and hearts of youthful offenders have been torn down. Our goal is to rebuild the walls of the youthful offenders, with their help. The four walls we focus on are spiritual, mental, social, and physical. Having a strong foundation and protective wall will empower these youth to re-enter society in a positive, impactful way.

Our goal is to partner with youthful offenders, their families, and other organizations designed to speak into the life of these young people. We will provide information, support and encouragement with the overall goal being to re-introduce youthful offenders into society as men and women with something amazing to contribute.

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