Young Women in Trouble

I've been working with the young people at the juvenile center long enough that I've seen almost everything. There are plenty of young people that have committed murder, rape, robbery, prostitution, etc. These things are deeply troubling to they should be. As part of our work there, we focus on not "reacting" to things they tell us with disbelief or condemnation. We minimize any kind of shock we may have about the things we hear. That does not mean there aren't days that I leave there just feeling sad about the stories I hear.

This is one of those weeks. When I met with the girls, we were doing a Lifechurch message on Emotions. The message itself wasn't too serious, just opened up some ideas for conversation. The troubling thing is that everything we talked about ended up being about someone that was either pregnant or already had a baby or two. We talked about happiness or joy. They described the moment when their baby was born as one of the happiest or most joyful moments. They talked about how being away from their babies makes them sad. We then talked about exactly how many of them either have at least one baby or are currently pregnant and half of them raised their hand.

One girl was fifteen years old. She was in there for robbery, meaning she actually attacked someone to steal from them. She was not alone in her crime. She was working together with her mother to commit this crime. She never did tell me why they did it, but her mother recruited her help, now they both sit in jail and the girl's grandmother is taking care of the baby. She was obviously upset about this. It was her first time in the juvenile center and I truly believe she was upset about being away from her baby.

Another girl shared her story with me privately. She explained that her step-father thought she was too difficult to handle and didn't want her around. For this reason, she was sent to live with her grandmother. That was all good except, grandma had a boyfriend she liked to stay all weekend with, therefore, this beautiful girl, who happened to be twelve at the time, was left home alone all weekend. Naturally she started hanging out with older kids and going to high school parties. Then she started inviting them to her grandma's house since she was alone anyway. To make a long story short, at twelve years old she was pregnant.

There are a few common themes I hear among these girls with babies. The main one is that their mother is pre-occupied with a new boyfriend so they aren't paying attention to what the girls are up to. The girls themselves shared what went wrong in their situation, but they are repeating the cycle of not being involved in their kids lives. I ended the session by sharing with them that no one is more equipped to parent their child then they are. They should do everything in their power to be there for their children and be the kind of Mom they can be proud of.

How To Find Help

We recognize when you go home you face many challenges. What seemed so easy to do – make the right choices – is now clouded by all kinds of outside influences. Even though you know the consequences of not making the right choices, sometimes it just seems easier to keep doing what you've always done. We are here to help you focus on your future. You only have one life on this earth and you must make the most of it. There are no "do-overs". You have the opportunity to be the person your future children will look up to and be proud of.

You may have met some of our volunteers. If so, you know that one thing we all have in common is a belief in your ability to do something significant with your life. God uses your difficult times for good things. Someday, you may find yourself standing in front of a group of young people, just like yourself, telling them your story of existence to significance. You might have the opportunity to give hope to someone who is facing a complicated and heartbreaking situation. We'd like nothing more than to have each and every one enjoy the gift of giving back.

If you are interested in finding a mentor, we can help you. You can do one of three things.

  • Find a mentor and we'll contact you to learn more about you so that we can pair you up with the person that is going to be best for you.
  • Download the client questionnaire and email it back. This gives us a jumpstart finding the right mentor. Our first conversation will involve letting you know we have a mentor for you.
  • Talk to your Probation Officer. Specifically request a mentor from the RE Project. They will put you in touch with us.

Keep in mind, our mentors cost you absolutely nothing. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, helping you successfully complete probation, helping you make "right choices", being good listeners and being that person that takes an interest in you personally. Our mentors get involved simply because they care about helping young people find their purpose and be the best they can be. This is not a "job"....this is a passion. Many have been through situations similar to yours. Some better ...some worse. The most important thing to remember is that the person you are assigned to is going to play an active role in your life. Brace yourself for unconditional love and transformation.

If you are struggling to meet financial obligations due to probation requirements, please email We'll review your circumstances and determine whether we are able to obligate funds to your situation. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you need transportation, many times your mentor will help you get someplace you need to be for your probation requirements, but we also have special transportation available to help you attend a church service or community service.

Essentially, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the obstacles to your success. Whatever your concern or challenge is, talk to our team about and we'll search for solutions. All we ask is that you commit yourself to success and partner with us to create the life you've always dreamed of having.

Please don't hesitate to call 405-595-0093 or email if you have questions or need services.

Is Your Child Constantly Getting In Trouble?

Do you have a child that continues to get in trouble for the same things time and time again? In spite of your best efforts to make a change, they continue the same behavior and each time end up in more trouble. Are you frustrated because you feel like nothing you're doing is working?

We understand. Because we've gone through the same events, we understand the frustration of knowing if they would just change the thought process or use their talents for good or find a different group of friends – they could get on track. We also understand that they have to WANT to change. They have to have a reason to want to change. Seeing others that have made the transition provides inspiration and hope for the future.

The scary thing is that failing to reach these kids before they turn 18 means they have a high likelihood of going to the Department of Corrections. It is disturbing to think of all the kids that have gotten stuck in the rut or the cycle of dysfunction and chaos leading them into behaviors for escape; which eventually lead to criminal activities. It is disturbing to know how many young people simply were involved in illegal drug use; which led to other criminal activities or even to an addiction itself which caused them to go to jail.

What's worse is that going to jail is a tragedy in itself. They are exposed to Hepatitis, AIDS, and other diseases. They are exposed to activities that can lead to longer incarcerations times. They are exposed to other criminals they can associate with when they are released leading them further into a life of crime. They learn about new ways to commit crimes to get by. They also learn how difficult it is to get on track without the right kind of support. Without a home, clothing, transportation, and a is nearly impossible to stay clean.

The Department of Corrections is filled with young men and women whose families lost hope for their recovery. The DOC is filled with people who have lost faith in their own ability to change. The DOC is filled with people who were once capable of significance....and in fact, still are. They just need someone to pour into their life the right way. Sometimes it isn't the parent that can make the difference – it is a mentor. Sometimes they need exposure to information about the talents and gifts God has given to them in order to change their path. Sometimes they just need to realize they were created for a purpose and need someone to believe in them.

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