Each month we provide "Movies with a Message" night to the young people at the Juvenile Detention Center. It costs us approximately $200 per month to bring in dinner and a movie. If interested in either making a donation to cover the cost of the movie night click on "Donate". If interested in donating the food for the event, please contact Neely Goen at

We are taking donations to provide Christmas Gifts to the juvenile detention center. We're looking for gifts that remind them they are loved and accepted regardless of their past. If interested in helping us make this memorable Christmas, please contact Nicole Mayes at

In order to fully create the program for Bill Johnson Correction Center, funds will have to be collected to cover program and curriculum development, facilitator stipends/salary, travel expenses, materials costs, and mentor recruiting. If you have it in your heart to donate financially to this program click on "Donate". To get more involved email

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